Thursday, October 29, 2009

False alarm

Yesterday was a great rush for me as I notice the baby was tightening in the worm and pain kicked in 15 minutes interval for 2 hours. The tightening did not release as the pain went off.

I rush myself to the hospital only to find out that baby is not ready to see the world. Ha! Ha! Then we come back after 2 hours of observation in the delivery suite.

One thing was pleased to me is Rui actually took up the role of man in the house when daddy was on his way home. He volunteered to send me to hospital when daddy was cycling and did not pick up the phone. So we two flap a cab from the street, one minute after boarding the cab, daddy called and we u turn back home. Daddy took over thereafter.

He is a sensible boy now. Mummy proud of you, Rui. Thank you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Salt dough making

The pre school kids are not going to school after their concert day. So they stay at home and teacher also gave them assignment on dough making. Tze Rong need to hand in the project on any food that make out of flour on Tuesday. He is holding on to his Pancake to be submitted. Zi En just have fun messing around.

This is the Hello Kitty Mini Cake I made for Zi En.
Here we are kneading out the salt dough and colouring to it. The teacher recipe with cooking oil make things very messy and oily. I prefered non cooking oil type, works as well.

Just don't know when baby will come. Contraction is happening every now and then....

Baby can come now, no more request from mummy and sibling anymore.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rong graduation concert

The number two Rong is finishing his pre school. Primary school next year. Time flies, he once a baby sucking my milk. He was feed until 5 years old and now he has grown.

Friday, October 23, 2009

38 week check up

Everything goes on well. Baby engage aleady, ready to come out to see the world anytime now. My weight is 72.3kg today, a gain of 13kg since pregnancy. Baby is 2.8kg. She was 2.2kg two weeks ago.

I requested her to come out when she is 3kg, and tomorrow Saturday, is the concert day for Rong and En, and she was requested to come out after that.

Today, I could feel a few time contraction throughout the day. No more driving for me.

Yesterday, we nearly dash to hospital as there were three consequtive contractio n of 15 minutes. After that nothing happens. As I was driving yesterday, contraction actually happens, the pain good enough to distract me from the road. I actually had to slow down, keep to left lane for that few minutes.

You can be out after tomorrow concert, OK! We all look forward to see you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

For the baby

Just bought the chanting beads from awareness place in kwang ming shan. May baby and all being be well be happy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

36 weeks pregnant

Baby could be out anytime now. Already on Maternity Leave since yesterday.

I can feel baby dropping, Braxton Hicks contraction getting more frequent. Funny thing is baby still moving around a lot. Doctor is asking us to observe minimum 10 times movement daily, she has way more then that.

Today, I can feel a lot of discomfort at the lower abdominal, tingling pain around the Virgina area. Are you coming baby? Tomorrow 4:50pm see Doctor Loh in KKH. Can wait till then?

Jimma, my maid imitated my walking style just now. So Funny, walk like an elephant!! I said, you win. But really, walking 200m to me now seems really, really far!! I need to think twice to walk to market now, which is 300m away. I rather walk to the car park which is 20m away and drive to wherever I want to go!!

Shopping, forget about it. Today, I went IMM, park at 3rd floor, go Daiso gets some knitting yarn and niddle, less then 20 minutes, have to sit down already. After that walking to 2nd floor Popular bookshop, wonder around for some knitting book, but did not get any. Library or internet would be a better choice to avoid storage!

From there, lower abdominal start getting very uncomfortable. Suan suan, not pain! So I head back to the car in 3rd floor. Home sweet home.

Nobody can tell when she will be out.

Baby must work together with mummy to come out smoothly and no pain for mummy. Everyone in the family is looking forward your arrival, come out healthy and happy. Suck mummy milk once you are out. Sleep well and be a happy baby. We all love you baby. Looking forward to see you, to cuddle you and to kiss you.

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