Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maid off day

Today went pass so quickly. It is late at night and all kids are sleeping, I have sometime to pen down my thoughts. It has been a long but happy day for me.

The kids went to centre in the morning before auntie was out. I still have half hour to read my newspaper after breakfast. Then rush home to take over an so that Jimma can go kai kai.

Had lunch with mother-in-law at Penang Place buffet. Yum... Baby tummy also so big at the end of two hours...Nice authentic Penang food. Beef rendang best...

Then pick up Rui from school. Tested his muffin from home Econ test, cannot make it. No sugar... Good try junior! Moral of story is to try out the recipe before test! He has too much pride in him.

Nice to drive around during rainy day. I am really thankful for the car. Also the shelter all over the island. Not much chance to get wet even rain!!! All connected or underground parking.

Dinner outside with all the kids. See En and Rong share a bowl of Long Gan jelly, I find them so sweet, they use to fight over who eat more!!! They all can really eat!! Rong and Rui ordered food at different timing, but ordered ecxatly the same food from economic rice stall! They really sycronice in term of feasts bud!!

Baby is easy go bring out now. Sleep in the car seat for one two hour when she is tired. I can manage to get some shopping at Sheng Siong while Rui stay in the car with her.

Sleep tight baby. Mummy love u.I am really grateful for what I have now. Thanks guys for everything!!

May all be well be happy.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lantern festival

The family went to Chinese Garden to celebrate lantern festival. I was fun with picnic session, Auntie Jimma prepared pasta for dinner in the park. We had fun there. Mooi Cheok and another causin of mine joined us. This is the first time I see her in Singapore.

What I like most is still the balloon lantern with LED in it to give a bit of light. Cool and neat. The photo actually taken from the tent where a lady was walking about carrying this balloon lantern. The little LED in the yellow balloon brighten up the otherwise dull balloon.

In the pond, there are a pair of dragon lantern. Magnificient!!
The panda in the bamboo forest where cute too.

This year I feel that the display of the lantern was limited and disappointing. The kids where trying to get some game from the game stall but the stalls were too expensive for their $5 budget.