Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anniversary and Chern Liang birthday celebration

Many years ago, we got married legally today. In 1996 if I am correct. That was before I went to study in Australia in February 1997.

We had dinner in Jack's Place, yummy food, Zi En with her Chicken in the basket, Rong with his Sausage and egg, Jimma was eating pasta, Chern Liang and me both ordered steak. Too bad Rui was not able to join us. But he had his favourite Char Siew Rice after that.

As I was typing, Auntie Jimma sent Zi An out for milk.

Zi An is drinking my milk now. She watches the screen as I type with one hand. then she got back to suckling again. It is so nice and comforting to see her suckle herself to sleep. She comfortably closes her eye and enjoy the moment. Motherhood cannot be more satisfying than the trust and comfort baby is getting from me. It may means many sleepless night, or should I say sleep deprived night, as I am a light sleeper. As I was trying to unlatch her to change to the leaking milk breast, she still sucks on my nipple like a leech.... I pulled and told her that I am changing side for her. With her eye closed, she was swap to my right now. I am typing with my left hand.

Life is simple with baby and three other kids. It is certainly rewarding and fun. I am really happy with what I have now. A shelter, a husband, a maid, two monkeys and two princesses. Secured job for both of us, healthy and happy family member, that will do.

The monkeys are lovely. The three of us just had a game of Plant vs Jombi on the computer. it was really good team work. They give me instruction of what plant to put where, how to play defence and attack... It was just fantastic to have them around. Lots of excitement, noise, action and fun....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August birthday celebration

Zi en, chern liang, jimma and my birthday are all in the month of august. We had dinner out at sakura clementi wood to celebrate.

The trio play

Today is zi en 4th birthday. They are playing with the dough ice cream making set daddy bought as zi en birthday present.