Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maid change day 5

Fifth day into the new maid in this household. Tuesday, school holiday. The boys are at home. Very busy day for me.

Very high stress level also. But rewarding!!

Shown the boys how to cook French bean. How to stir fried vegetable. Rui shown new auntie My lin how to cook bake bean, the boys style!

We read a lot with the girls at night. Very happy to spend quality time with all of them. Rare opportunity when Jimma where around! I stay out of house too much!

The kids are really adorable, when u get to know them deep enough!

Rui also so sweet to let his father have the bake bean that he saved for himself as a snack! The father did not eat, and let the son has it! Lovely papa! Lovely son!

We got the bike fix. The boys can go fir ride now.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Zoo visit with Zi En and Zi An

We had a great day in the zoo today. After lunch, it rains cats and dog. So we had to go home.

Zi En enjoyed feeding the rabbits with carrot and beans.

Zi An is scared of the feeding activity. She reverse her interest in elephant feeding too. She was scared when the elephant sprayed water at us... And refuses to feed any animal now.

An refuse to play in the water play also. The pouring water actually made her cry! She will overcome this fear when she gets older!