Monday, August 25, 2008

En and me

En is very happy and relax in front of camera.

She also like to handle the phone camera. Her finger is strong enough to trigger the shutter on my phone camera K810i. She is in the process of mastering the focusing and composing of photo. Future camera woman in the making.

She is very inquinsitive in nature. Any sound in the surrounding will catch her attendtion. No tv strategy works well on her. Tv will numps the children's senses.

She is very independent thanks to Auntie Jimma training and not doing what she can do for her. To on a fan, she wanted to do it herself. Once I on the fan for her but she protested. She walked to the fan, off it and on again!! And she is happy after that. She gave herself a round of applause. ;-)

En Japanese learning aid

A new bag of fruits toy ($5.40) bought today for the kids to learn Japanese. The activity idea was from the Saturday class attended at The Little Neuro Tree. Fruits of different colour is sorted into matching bowl.

Kiiru banana means yellow banana in Japanese.
Aka ringo means red apple
Aoringo means green apple, ao actually means blue, but this is a special case when it is used with ringo.
Murasaki budou means purple grape, the Japanese version of grapes sounds like Mandarin version right?
Orenji is having the same sound with orange. The name of the fruit and the name of colour sounds just like English. In terms of written form, it is written in Katagana.

En is happily playing with the toys. She is slowly getting the concept of colour in different language.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Soap flower creation

Yesterday I attended a soap flower making lesson from Taman Jurong Community Club. It takes a lot of patient to craft a Kao soap into the shape of flower. A normal pieced soup which I have not been using for a long time is back in action. Cut into four pieces, then rugby ball shape, then the petals make me feel like a craftsman.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fidgets @ Turf City

Rong is having fun on long slide of Fidgets at the former Turf Club. 4th level up a fireman lift which is very run down. But the place is really fun for the kids. The three of them had a great time there. There are section for baby, toddler and older kids.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Balloon sculpting equipment

By instructress.

This is a continuation from previous post...

The kids are home. Got to go.....

Balloon sculpting

Bearly yellow balloon, this one here is a bit hard to do. To get the face, ears and body in propotion takes some practice.

Easy swan, black or white colour is the best. Two twist, one pushing trough the wing and shaping of the neck will done the job.

Flower balloon, one of my favourite. Keep the bright colour balloons for flower. It will turn out gorgeous. The stem and leave is surely green colour.

This Tweedy bird on the swing was made by Shuning during the lesson. Looks complicated to me. I left early for my lesson, therefore missed this one. Four colours in all. She said teacher one with bigger swing loop is nicer... But for beginner, this is good, I think. Practice make perfect.

Easy bee. Two balloon and two twist will do the job. Just that the bottom balloon need immediate attachment with the wing once it is twisted. So the wing needs to be ready before the "funny looking one" blown up, tie and twist.

Can take maximum five photos one go. So will talk some more about the eqiupment in the next post.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sleepy Bear Balloon

One more balloon made. A sleepy one this time. Copied from book purchased. Night night! Fun to work with balloons. The kids also busy around pumping up balloon to make sword for themselves. This children day, I offered to make for Rui school and Rong child care. Lets wait for reply from their teachers.


My creation during the lesson at lunch time. I am actually a replacement of my colleague whom cannot make it. I attended once balloon sculpting lesson.

It is really fun to work with balloon.

Kids at all age loves balloon too.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Vegetarian food fare

Friend's children helping in the stall.

Fu Wa - The Olympic mascot

Zi En is playing with her Fu Wa toy. Is time for Beijing Olympic 2008.

She is happily playing with her new toy and vocalise ‘Fuu Waa’ as she is playing. The figures could be shaped into different arms and legs action. She cannot manage to shape the action yet, but the flying action is the most oftenly used action by the maid when come to storage since it has lowest centre of gravity.

Japanese flower arrangement

Ha, Ha! I send out a request to my reporting officer about placing the flower in the lab, and he actually supported the idea!!

Yeh! Yeh!! I will bring the flower to work tomorrow.

Tried to upload the photo of the arrangement, but encounter Internal Error.

Will try again...

So, this is the first arrangment I bring and place in the mould design lab. Enjoy! It lasted a week.

When the first version no longer fresh, the flower was change to second version. Replaced with orchid. This last for more than a week.

Start to blog

A lot of things happen everyday.

We come and go.

Life come and pass.

This should leave a trial of life.

A trial for the interested to trace....