Friday, April 10, 2009

Fire cracker play

We all 5 families go Malaysia, my kampong to burn away the reserved fire cracker from Chinese New Year. It was wonderful see everyone having fun guiding and encouraging their kids.
I realised not all kids dare to play fire cracker! I thought they will be delighted to experience the trill and exicitement of launching a "Moon Traveller". Instead some of them choose to watch others play.
I grew up playing yearly fire cracker. So do my children and other kids in the family. I took a back seat now, instead the kids always look forward to fire some fire cracker. The louder, the better!!
We have 5 families of 9 adult and 10 kids going in to kampong together. The kids has good time BBQ the food, as the "pit" was a brick above ground. Adults just wait and eat the cooked food if you think you stomach can handle!
It was a great Easter Friday.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Vertical flower design

Instructor lead arrangement.

Princes balloon

Manage to create a human figure with 260 balloons of 3 different colours. Was instructed step by step by staff.