Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zi en cycle with 2 wheels bicycle at 5 years old

Zi En managed to cycle without any help today. Well done girl.

I brought her done to playground today together with An. She push her two wheeler down while An on the five wheelers pushed by me. I also busy with snacks and fruit. They have not take their afternoon tea yet.

As we are eating and drinking, suddenly I see En cycling around the slide! Oh that was great. She manage it without my assistance. I was too tied down with food and An.

An fell down on her lips after lunch. Bleeding for a while, the upper lips is injured. She cannot walk slowly. Always charging ahead. She do not have the vocab 'walk' with her. Run is the only action she is interested. Walk, no way. Worse is she ran with body leaning forward and very often she go flat on the floor. She is a commandor.... Fearless, active, adventurous, daring .... Girl, please behave like a girl.

I was very worried Of an and en go round and round perfected her skill of balancing she learned for the past three weeks. She show good progression and interest in cycling. Her two training wheel were removed for more seven months. Since then, she tried once and stop until lately then she has the interest to do it again. She is ready for more further excursion. Remember to put on helmet when cycling, my dear. Happy riding. I am happy for her. My K1 girl is growing quickly.