Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Zi An fits

Having difficulties with this mobile phone. Still relatively new to it. First time do blogging with it. Slowly but surely I will manage.

An an case was scary. It has been burning hot for the pass few days. An was down with fever since monday dawn. I thought maid can haddle, so I go to work in the morning and take the kids to sc center as it was a off in lieu of election day.
At night when I am settled and took over the baby, the baby looks drowsy, the eyes looks scary too. I thought she was just tired and tried to feed her to sleep. Aircon.was on, I sat in the room, baby in my arm happily.sucking away..

Suddenly her body tense up. Legs and hands started jucky. Then her eye roll up. I quickly ask daddy and maid to come into the room. Bby fits I said.
Daddy rush to take a chopstick and stuck into baby's mouth.

Pray hard not to repeat again.