Friday, July 27, 2012

Moving tomorrow

Saturday 2pm, the mover is expected to storm in. A lot more packing to do...

Today manage to clear away most dust on the door, cupboard, floor etc. Very tired now.

The house is clean and livable, I am very happy to see the done up too.

I was really concern about the dust this morning and finally is mostly clear. Thanks to the part time cleaner. She is really experience with high service quality.

It is going to be big time tomorrow. Every thing must go!

Actually, up to 8 august still
Ok. I will still come back to pick Zi En. I still can bring the left over item to the new house.

The kids learning stuff is the most headache things. Throw, not throw, lesson plan, effectiveness, so many boxes of stuff for this purpose. How?

Very tired. Sleep!

12.40pm Friday

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